Time-space variability of the out-pushing from Bowling Green Bay, north Queensland, in CZCS-chlorophyll imagery

Temporal Range: From 12-May-1980 To 20-Jun-1982

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A Landsat image for March 1981, indicated a strong front that occurred between nearshore and offshore waters, extending offshore from Cape Bowling Green, north Queensland. This front coincided with high concentrations of billfish and baitfish populations known to exist in the area.

Six CZCS images from the NASA Nimbus-7 satellite, taken between the 12th May 1980 and the 20th June 1982, were selected for analysis of pigment concentrations (chlorophyll a and phaeopigments). Raw data were processed and analysed using the microBRIAN system.

Wind speed and direction as well as tidal information for the time that the images were taken was also collected.

The purpose of this research was to determine spatial and temporal variations in water color and sea surface chlorophyll distribution using CZCS imagery and to compare them with water circulation models and known abundances of billfish and baitfish populations. The initial objectives were:
1. to evaluate how persistent the out-pushing (or frontal phenomenon) is from the Bowling Green Bay mangroves area;
2. to determine under what environmental conditions does this out-pushing form;
3. to calculate the sea-surface pigment chlorophyll concentrations in these water masses to identify areas of high chlorophyll concentration.

CZCS satellite imagery was provided by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA). Wind speed and direction were accessed from the Cape Cleveland weather station. The locations of concentrations of billfish and baitfish were provided by Dr Dave McB Williams.

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