Hermatypic corals of Vanuatu

Temporal Range: From 01-Mar-1988 To 30-Apr-1988

Resource Summary

Hermatypic coral communities on the coral reefs of Vanuatu were examined at 22 locations, covering a wide range of environments along the length of the island arc, in 1988.

The reefs around nine islands (Ureparapara, Reef Islands, Gaua, Espiritu Santo, Pentecost, Cook's Reef, Efate, Tanna and Aneityum) were surveyed. An accumulative inventory of hermatypic corals at each location was compiled until no further species were recorded.

Where there appeared to be a significant difference between the appearance of species at Vanuatu and the same species on the Great Barrier Reef, specimens were collected for further study.

The objective of this component of the survey was to compile an accumulative species inventory of hermatypic corals, with the aim of reaching a complete species list for Vanuatu.

This research was a component of a survey of Vanuatu marine resources conducted in March/April 1988 and was funded by the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau.

The overall objectives of the survey were:
1. to survey and describe the shallow water reef habitats from selected islands of Vanuatu, adequately covering geographical and environmental variation
2. to survey and describe the marine habitats around the shores of Malakula, including offshore islands
3. to derive a coastal management plan for Malakula and offshore islands which can serve as a basis for Coastal Zone Management plans for the rest of the country
4. to train Ni-Vanuatu personnel in marine survey and marine conservation methods

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