AIMS Long-term Monitoring Program Reef Aesthetics

Temporal Range: From 25-Mar-1983 On Going

Resource Summary

Data on the general appearance and condition of coral reefs which have been manta towed in the Long Term Monitoring Project (LTMP). The data from 4 reef zones - front (seaward) and back (leeward), and north and south (flanks 1 and 2) - are used to create a web page on each zone for each reef (

The general condition of the reef is recorded, along with its structural complexity (1 and 2), the percentage of live and bleached coral, the dominant benthic lifeform, and dominant hard coral cover and genus. The general abundance of reef fish and giant clams (Tridacna gigas) is also recorded.

To provide a broad overview of the reef environment.

Coral Reef - Zone, Lifeform - Benthic, Relative Frequency, Genus. May include some information on coral disease.

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