Surveys of four coral reefs in Mauritius

Temporal Range: From 18-Oct-1988 To 28-Oct-1988

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Surveys of 4 coral reefs (Balaclava, Blue Bay, Point du Diable, Trou aux Biches) were carried out as part of a UNESCO/COMARAF training workshop on coral taxonomy and management of coral reefs, held 18-28 October 1988.

Specimens were collected from Trou aux Biches for taxonomy determinations.

Surveys to define coral associations were carried out at Balaclava, Point du Diable and Trou aux Biches. Each species seen during a 20 min swim was recorded and given a score based on its relative contribution to total (hard and soft) coral cover (1 = 1-5%; 2 = 6-10%; 3 = 11-30%; 4 = 31-80%; 5 = >80%). In addition, the following site characteristics were recorded: maximum and minimum depth; slope; % hard substrate; % hard coral; % dead standing hard coral; % soft coral; % macroalgae; % sponge; % cover substate (continuous limestone platform; large blocks > 1 m; small blocks 0.1-1 m; mud; rubble; sand).

Line transect (30 m) surveys to estimate percent coral cover and size frequency distribution were conducted at Blue Bay (8) and Trou aux Biches (3). Coral (identified to species where possible), substrate or other benthic organims were recorded (l = live; d = dead; a = algae; n = non-colonisable substrate; c = colonisable substrate; s =sponge).

Quadrat stereophotographs were taken at Trou aux Biches to demonstrate this monitoring technique.

To train participants in basic survey methods and analyses on local reefs.

Coral species: Acropora; Acropora 'bottlebrush'; Acropora 'nobilis'; Acropora aculeus; Acropora clathrata; Acropora elseyi; Acropora florida; Acropora gemmifera; Acropora hemprichi; Acropora hyacinthus; Acropora hyacinthus; Acropora pharonis; Acropora robusta; Acropora tenuis; Acropora variabilis; Alveopora sp.; Echinopora gemmacea; Echinopora lamellosa; Favia stelligera; Favites sp.; Fungia sp.; Galaxea fascicularis; Goniastrea retiformis; Goniopora sp.; Hydnophora exesa; Leptroia phrygia; Millepora platyphylla; Millepora tenera; Montipora circumvallata; Montipora sp.; Pavona cactus; Pavona varians; Pocillopora; Porites massive.

Algae identified: Turbinaria ornata.

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