Copepod swarms on the central and northern Great Barrier Reef, and Palau

Temporal Range: From 01-Dec-1975 To 31-May-1978

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Observations and samples from 200 monospecific copepod swarms of four species (Acartia australis, Acartia bispinosa, Centropages orsinii, Oithona oculata) were made on 11 coral reefs, 2 sea grass habitats, and several marine lakes from the central and northern Great Barrier Reef and in Palau.

The date, species and location of each swarm was recorded. Other features recorded were: shape, width and length of swarm; depth of water, distance above substrate, other observations at the time of the swarm such as sky and state of the ocean (calm, etc.). Note that not all features were recorded for all swarms.

At Davies Reef, a more detailed study was carried out with vertical density profiles at night and during the day, measurement of copepod size and determination of gender on 190 specimens. Eight swarm sizes were estimated by the use of 3 collection methods (net, plastic bags and photographic images).

To provide additional information on the density of copepods within swarms.

Great Barrier Reef: Adelaide, Big Broadhurst, Carter, Davies, Gilbey, Little Broadhurst; Rib and Yonge Reefs; Lizard and Magnetic Islands.
Palau: Western reef, marine lakes on Kaibakku and Urukthapel Islands, in the solution notches surrounding the limestone island complex of Urukthapel, and in the sea grass beds off Koror.

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